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Blog (Service Continuation Of Kiwi Farms)

"Service Continuation Of Kiwi Farms" By
Hugo Carvalho
2022-09-15 23:45:08

Service Continuation Of Kiwi Farms

Service Continuation Of Kiwi Farms...

My name is Hugo Carvalho and I'm the CEO of DiamWall, today I'm bringing an important statement that I never thought I would need to do anytime soon.

About our CDN...

Before even starting to talk about Kiwi Farms I think it is important to let people know what a CDN is and does.
We are only a proxy that filters website traffic and blocks malicious requests, we DO NOT host any website, we ARE NOT responsible for any website's content and we CANNOT control every service's content.
Everyone is free to register an account at our website, pay for the product and start using it. We DO NOT and CANNOT analyze every single website that starts using our services.
DiamWall is completely new in this market (we opened to the public one month ago) and this is not a good way to start for sure, nor is it the way that we wanted to start.
DiamWall was formed by a small group of people that worked for many years in this area with private customers and we created the best Anti-DDoS technologies that ever existed.

Now that you understand how it works, let's talk about Kiwi Farms...
The owner of Kiwi Farms came in need of DDoS Protection and because their website was offline due to DDoS, we didn't really know about their website's content. They had a PROBLEM and we had the SOLUTION.
Soon enough the reports started to arrive and we started digging more and more about this website, soon enough we found that Kiwi Farms hosts a lot of revolting content.

We do not think that is fair to terminate any service because of public pressure but in this case, we think there is some foundation behind all those requests and we really do not want to have anything to do with it.

So, after careful consideration, DiamWall does not feel like Kiwi Farms is a good fit for our company, which means that today we are SUSPENDING their service inside DiamWall's CDN.

Please be AWARE that this will not fix the issue, only delay it, they will find another provider that can protect them and will be online once again.

Best Regards,
Hugo Carvalho,
DiamWall CEO